Worship Team (Tech, Sound, Camera)

The media portion of the worship team is one of the most important ministries at Grace serving behind the scenes, supporting and working any event that is held at Grace. While each ministry of Grace is important and serves a different purpose, many of them are completely reliant on the tech team to uphold their commitment and do its’ job well. Although the expectations within each role vary and is spelled out below the tech team is typically the first to get to church and the last to leave. This crucial team helps keep Grace church running!

Video Technician

This position operates our cameras and video equipment for shooting and recording our services. This team is made up of camera operators and directors.  
Commitment: Sunday morning, 8:30a-12:30p.


CG Operator (Computer Graphics)

Runs ProPresenter (our lyric presentation software). Some familiarity with Mac operating system is preferred, but a must is a great attention span and attention to detail!
Commitment: Sunday, 7:45-12:30.


Sound Board Operator

 This position operated all aspects of the service when dealing with sound - Pastor's microphone, lead singers, instrument volume, video sound, Online streaming service volume, etc.  This position must be an individual who has an ear for music, is very detailed, and able to multi-task.

Commitment: Thursday afternoon for practice, 6:30-8:00 pm.

                           Sunday morning, 7:45-after our church service

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