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Getting Your Priorities Straight

We're having a great time walking through Jesus' teaching from the early parts of the gospel of Matthew. No set timeline of how quickly we'll get through Burns' material, but contact Pastor Bob and he can let you know in which section we now find ourselves. These are also great studies for parents and students to dive into together! Print them off and spend some time with one another!

Chapter 1 |The Beatitudes

Chapter 2 | Your Strategic Influence in the World

Chapter 3 | Life and Law According to Jesus

Chapter 4 | Loving the Unlovable

Chapter 5 | Testing Our Motives

Chapter 6 | Living in a Material World

Chapter 7 | Trust vs Anxiety

Chapter 8 | Judging Others

Chapter 9 | The Power of Prayer

Chapter 10 | Choose Life!

Chapter 11 | False Prophets and Bad Fruit

Chapter 12 |The True Foundation